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Xtravagant Xpansionism


Materials: silk, steel hardware, peacock feathers

Necklace: Kay Adams
Model: Melanie June

Inspired by the elegance and extravagance of Marie Antoinette, this dress features a baroque silhouette and a stunning tail of peacock feathers. The crowning feature of this dress is the spring-loaded tail of peacock feathers which fans out behind the model. At first the dress is viewed with the tail down, but when the audience least suspects it the model pulls the lever, releasing the tail to gracefully rise up behind the model.


Featured in the Wearable Art Fashion Show in Richmond, VA in November 2007 where it won “Best in Show.” 

Opened the Computational Couture Fashion Show at the Museum of Science in Boston in January 2008.

Won “Best in Show” at the FORCE: Uncommon Threads Wearable Art Fashion Show in Baton Rouge, LA. 

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