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I am a Wearable Artist, Maker, and Photographer. My wearable art has been featured in exhibits across the US and around the world, most recently at World of WearableArt in Wellington, NZ where I was awarded the inaugural WOW Designer Development Award. I have had the opportunity to collaborate on projects with Disney, Hot Topic, and Her Universe, among other brands, and my work has been featured in Rolling Stone, The Atlantic, Paper Magazine, Bustle, Jezebel, and beyond. I currently work independently as a designer, maker, builder, and materials expert.


My work is built out of nontraditional fashion materials, with a focus on repurposing discarded objects and transforming them from the mundane into extraordinary garments. I work with a wide array of trash, from bicycle inner tubes and discarded towels, to VHS tapes, suitcases, and beyond. I spend more time than I care to admit perusing alleys and trash cans for my next material, or hunting for objects that people are discarding. I think that the most exciting artistic challenge is transforming mundane materials into new and remarkable wearable art.


My work is often large and sculptural, using shape and form to transform the body into something unrecognizable and otherworldly. I regularly collaborate with fellow artists and performers to create larger-than-life installations, performances, and photo shoots. Through the use of shape, material, and color, I hope to create a fully engrossing experience for the viewer, whether my garments are experienced live or through the media of photography and film.


If you'd like to contact me please feel free to reach out!

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