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Remnant is a collection made entirely from waste, from excess materials pulled from the trash cans of the SAIC fashion department. 

It was brought to life at the end of my final semester, when the hallways were empty, the classrooms were deserted, and the leftover fabrics and unused supplies from students were swept off of the tables and dumped en masse into trashcans. 

Remnant is about scavenging and discovering, transforming the unwanted into the desired. 

It is about finding peace in working with your hands, about taking what is given to you. 

It is about finding what you need in detritus. 

Remnant is about letting your mind shut down and your hands take over. 

Making with your gut instead of your brain. 

It is about transition, that inbetween space. It’s about the liminal.


[look 1: 1970’s trench coat, discarded yellow silk chiffon] 

[look 2: tyvek jacket, heat pressed negative dress, fabric scraps from artist Bert Marckwardt, sweatpants waistband belt]

[look 3: blue plaid wool blazer, discarded belt, discarded grey silk, discarded blue cotton jersey]

[look 4: red nylon rope necklace + belt, fake jean spandex leggings, grey sweatshirt fabric, sheepskin scrap, discarded sweaters, scrap grey taffeta]

[look 5: discarded knit grey sweatshirt material, yellow fake fur, crocheted white blanket, red nylon rope necklace]

[look 6: red nylon rope necklace, discarded red lace spandex dress, men’s Fruit of the Loom white briefs, nude spandex, bleached denim by artist Prarna Mansukhani.

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