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Materials: fabric, el wire, LED lights, industrial foam, LED hoola hoops, metal pencil rod

Costume Research/Design/Construction: Grace DuVal and Lindsey Whittle
Electrical Engineer: Julian Spring

Fabricator: Clint Basinger

Models/Dancers: Pones Inc. 

This series of ten sculptural costumes was created for the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra who commissioned the pieces to be worn in conjunction with the city's annual light festival and concert, Lumenocity. I worked along with fellow artists Lindsey Whittle and Julian Spring to create these ten original costumes. The design brief stated that the costumes must be sculptural in form, be inspired by Art Deco architecture, and must all have elements that light up. Together, Lindsey and I undertook the research, design, and fabrication of the costumes, while Julian undertook all of the research, development, coding, and execution of the wearable electronics.

These costumes were worn during the 2016 Lumenocity festival in downtown Cincinnati by dance company Pones Inc. 

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