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home sweet home


Materials: re-purposed Belgian woven trash bags, embroidery hoops, thread

While spending two months in Antwerp, Belgium, I found myself in need of a private space, a home of my own that I could claim in the middle of my vagabond life. As far as I trekked I couldn't find it, so I had to make one, to invent my own space that could travel with me, that could expand and contract, could be both a part of me So I built a dwelling from old woven Belgian trash bags. For a week I wore my dwelling while I worked and walked through the streets of Antwerp, and when I found a place that I could call my home, I set up camp and embroidered a tiny plaque to leave behind, to let the passerby see that this had been, even momentarily, my home sweet home.and become its own shell that I could fit inside.

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