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The Dragon Beyond the Wall


Materials: 10,000 hand-cut bicycle tube scales, recycled leather, recycled fox fur, brocade fabric, silk

Model: Melanie June

Necklace: Kay Adams

The Dragon Beyond the Wall is inspired by the Game of Thrones series, specifically the characters of Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen. These two powerful characters have endeared themselves to me as they show strength through their leadership, strong morals, and truly badass costumes. Some fan theories believe that these two characters are linked in ways that have yet to be revealed, with many people speculating that Jon and Daenerys are blood relatives of the House Targaryen. Thus, the series name A Song of Ice and Fire may well be referencing these two characters, Jon from the House Stark with their endless chants of “Winter is Coming” and Daenerys from the House Targaryen with their empires of dragons and fire. Both are situated at opposite ends of this mythical world, each working their way back to the Iron Throne.


This design capitalizes on this theory by creating one transforming garment that holds the aesthetic elements of both characters. The outer layer of the costume is designed to be a couture rendering of Jon Snow’s Night’s Watch outfit, which has been transformed into a chic leather jacket, complete with quilted panels, chunky metallic zippers, and a large fur collar. The wrap-around skirt is made from thousands of hand-cut pieces of bicycle tube rubber that are hand sewn to create a scaled effect--the black of the Night’s Watch with the scales of a Dragon.


The second look reveals a couture dress worthy of the Mother of Dragons. This dress is inspired by Daenerys Targaryen, with her beautiful costumes and hard silhouettes. The shoulders and cross-body harness are made from iridescent blue and gold leathers, while the body of the dress is made from a variety of blue scaled silks and satins. Long panels of pleated white silk chiffon will flow in layers over a tightly fitted pencil skirt, with a pair of scaled-printed platform heels will top off the look. Together these pieces will create a stunning transformation that embraces the possible links between two of the most beloved characters in Game of Thrones.

This outfit was built for and worn at San Diego Comic Con during the Her Universe Fashion Show 2016.

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