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Internationally acclaimed Wearable Artist  specializing in Avant Garde + Couture Fashion and Costume designs made from recycled materials.

the bowl challenge

designed, photographed, and built by Grace DuVal


The Challenge:

Make a bowl out of fabric that is 50mm ±2mm tall


The bowl must hold 8oz of water for one minute without leaking

The bowl must have an attachment point so that it may hang vertically from a piece of string


For this challenge I created a bowl that incorporated a structured frame to provide support

and a consistent height to ensure it fulfilled the measurement requirements. I designed the frame in Fusion 360

and fabricated it using PLA 3D printing. This allowed me to create an extremely precise,

aesthetic and functional outer skeleton to support the fabric bowl interior.


I created a hammock-like fabric interior that is strung from the outer pillars of the frame via metal standoff screw hardware. The outer shell of the fabric bowl is made from the provided orange polyester woven material, which I chose for its stability, weight, and color. I crafted a waterproof inner layer made from a stackup of white and grey waterproof ripstop nylons, and heat activated seam tape to seal all sewn seams. The perimeter of the fabric bowl was finished with

white fold over elastic to create a beatifically finished edge with minimal bulk.

After completing the sewn element, it was attached to the 3D printed frame via standoff screws that connect through holes in the fabric bowl. Fully completed, the bowl sits at precisely 5omm high, holds water for at least a minute, and features beautiful triangular cutouts that allow the bowl to be hung from any direction.

Materials Provided


2pcs stretch woven; polyester/nylon; black
2pcs knit spacer; polyester; dark grey
1pcs knit mesh; polyester; light grey
2pcs woven; polyester; orange

Initial 2D Sketches

Materials utilized