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Oh, To Be Free!


Materials: Gold mirrored vinyl, laser cut acrylic, custom designed and printed satin fabrics,  gold lamé fabric, party streamers

Model: Lucky Stiff

Applause Print Design: Gillian Maniscalo

Celebrating the 30th anniversary of the release of Aladdin, this look celebrates Genie’s journey over the course of the film. Styled like a 70’s icon, the model walks out onto the stage wearing a floor-length, shining gold cape. Designed to share elements of the silhouette with Genie’s lamp, the cape has a flashy disco style: the sculpted shoulders are made of gold reflective vinyl in the shape of the lamp handles, scalloped details that flow over the shoulder mimic the engraved design on the lamp, while the large collar and hem are covered in gold party streamers to create a wild, shaggy fringe. The interior of the cape features a custom printed satin fabric that says “FREE” in the style of the sign from the movie.


The cape is dramatically removed to reveal Genie’s vacation outfit, a colorful orange and red jumpsuit, designed after his final look in the film after he is freed. With wide, floor-length trousers draped over gold platform shoes and a button-up top with a deep-v neck, this look is ready to go from Disco to Disney. To accessorize the look is a custom-laser cut pair of sunglasses with cloud details that mimic the clouds the Genie sails through in the movie. A rhinestone encrusted, oversized Goofy hat sits atop the model’s head. To top it all off, when the model turns around there is a glowing “Applause” sign across the back of the jumpsuit, asking for applause just like the Genie.

This outfit was selected as a finalist in the 2022 D23 EXPO Mousequerade.

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